John Butterfield

Butterfield 8 Theatre Company | Founder and former Artistic Director |

As the founder and former artistic Director of Butterfield 8 theatre company I needed some one who understood the work we were doing. B8 performs in what can only be called an intimate and immersive space. The costumes and garments become vital to the world we are trying to build. Liz Martin provided beautiful work during my tenure. She understood the importance of the garment and how close the audience was to the actor we had to have costumes that close up didn’t look like a costume.

We did and continue to present cross-gendered work as well as same gendered casting as well as period work. Liz always came with her a game.
She helped to build our reputation and artistic achievement while bringing her own sense of design and statement to the work.
I would work with Liz Martin again without question, and will continue to recommend her as one of the most reliable costume artists out there.