An internship at Pinkdepford offers what many classes cannot: hands-on, real-world costuming with professional supervision and mentoring. You will make costumes that will be used on-stage by real actors. Also, with only a few interns at a time, you will get a lot more attention from Liz and her team, which means more opportunities to learn and grow as a costumer!

You will get to learn and practice stitching, working with patterns, hand-sewing, cutting fabric and building complete pieces from scratch. You'll learn about the wide variety of clothing and costume techniques in practice today. Because we specialize in period pieces you will also get to learn how to create authentic clothing from throughout history.


  • This is a summer program that lasts from late May to early July.
  • It is hands-on and real-world. Don't be afraid to ask questions and take your time.
  • DVC Work-study COOP180 eligible. Get transferrable degree credit!


  • Age 16 and up
  • Local and able to come into the shop
  • 4 hours a day, 2 days a week or more

Intern Nick showing off some of the clothes he's making!