Pink Depford's Liz Martin is the Costume Director of the annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair
Liz Martin has been the Costume Designer for Red Barn Productions since 2005. Red Barn produces the annual Great Dickens Christmas Fair, presenting one of the largest theatrical casts in America: 780 head-to-toe costumed performers.Liz is responsible for the organization, administration, and educational programming required for a costume operation of this scope.  And she does it with good humor, excellent leadership, and outstanding design.
Creating authenticity and holding true to the Victorian theme of this world class event, while keeping to a very limited budget is extremely challenging.  Managing a large and evolving costume stock while simultaneously directing and educating an equally large number of performers who are required to provide their own costumes is the key.  Thus the humor, and the leadership required to do this job successfully year after year.   We are very proud of the work that Liz does for us.  She and her team make us ALL look good.
This also includes Renaissance and Early California history events requiring a high level of authenticity and physical use on stage and in action in the streets of our venues.  Historical costuming is the art of recreating both the comfortable daily clothing and the splendid upper crust attire of past cultures.  Liz is a delight to work with because of her people and design skills, but all because she understands this and clearly has a passion for it.
Kevin Patterson
Executive Director
Red Barn Productions